Public Speaking Training

15:15 13 May 21

ComTec Solutions hosted mandatory professional development – Effective Presentations training for the entire company. The training was conducted by Breelyn Bowe virtually, given 8 of our employees work outside of the Rochester NY Headquarters. Debbie Wehrle, HR Manager provided the objectives of the event and Breelyn developed the 2 hour training for the team members from those objectives.The training and facilitation exceeded our expectations as documented in the evaluations submitted and the direct feedback regarding how Breelyn facilitated the event. She was prepared, energetic, knowledgeable, and included all attendees to participate in exercises she was sharing with us. Breelyn absolutely delivered on the top objectives we requested for this learning event and was spot on when asked questions from the attendees which she was not able to prepare for.At the end of the training, our President provided a follow on objective. He asked that attendees reflect on his company review which was conducted prior to the training and provide as many tips we learned from Breelyn’s Effective Presentations that he could do better. The person with the most feedback to him from the Effective Presentation training would receive a $100 gift card and Janine was our winner.Breelyn provided us a job aid to use as we prepare for our own presentations in the future and shared her contact information for future support. What we did not know prior to her delivery was that Breelyn was one of the newer facilitators for Effective Presentations. She conducted her facilitation with authority, warmth, preparation, genuineness and enthusiasm. No one would have known that she was new and perhaps thought she was a very seasoned facilitator and an excellent presenter.ComTec Solutions will absolutely use Effective Presentations for future learning events and will recommend without any hesitation, the company and Breelyn for customizing training based on your company’s objective, conducting the training on site or virtually and working on a delivery price that is both fair and an excellent value.Thank you to Mark Lamano for his responsiveness when I first placed my inquiry call with Effective Presentations and for providing us with Breelyn who provided our employees with the training and tools they need to also lead Effective Presentations.Regards,Debbie WehrleHR Manager