QQ Star Restaurant in Brooklyn / Official Menus & Photos

“I like the free things the promotions and the coupons that they have on their various foods. Some of the offers include that they have free sodas for teriyaki meals, they have coupons to get one can of soda free for purchases over $15 and two cans of soda for purchases over $20 and have $5 off for all purchases over $40. They also have other complimentary services like free delivery and they take Visa cards and Mastercards. My order of shrimp and scallop with broccoli in white sauce and jumbo shrimp noodle soup came out quick. I liked the fast and friendly service that was offered here. My order for this food also came out quick. Would really recommend this place to anyone. Their menu has a wide variety of food that includes Chinese and Thai food and I would recommend anyone looking to try Chinese or Thai for the very first time to come here.”


“January 16, 2020”