A carry-out/delivery business borne out of founders Paul Oltmann and Steve Daroche’s disappointment in delivery services, Quesa-D-Ya’s takes a cutesy name and brings customers fresh, cooked-to-order Tex-Mex with an emphasis on — what else? — quesadillas. Among the large-portion hits here are the best-selling Smokey Mountain D-Ya (pulled pork or chicken with barbecue rice, bacon, ham, sautéed onions and a smoky cheddar blend) and the Cuban sandwich-inspired Havana D-Ya (pork, ham, pickles, black beans, brown mustard, rice and mozzarella). Commonly ordered sides are the white cheddar queso and the queso with beef and avocado crema. Greenies in love with Quesa-D-Ya’s offerings can feel even better knowing that the restaurant uses 100 percent biodegradable/compostable products.