Rajdhani | The Vegetarian Thali Restraurant

About the thali

Indian cuisine is known for its feasts and out of all ‘Thali’ is one of the most celebrated and sought-after traditions across the country. Thali is India’s homespun answer to authentic plated meals, and truly slow cooked food dished out to, hungry guests in a hurry. The idea is to offer different flavours on one single plate. An unlimited thali is quintessentially Indian, not just for variety but because it is true to Indian tradition. Keeping this legacy alive, at Rajdhani, the service begins with a meticulously synchronized operation of transforming an empty thali into an appetizing kaleidoscope of complementing colours, textures and flavours.

The service starts with assorted chutneys and salads followed with one steamed and one fried snack. The guests are then served with our heroic dish, Dal Baati Churma which traces back to the kingdom of Mewar. Post this is the service of four vegetables which is a mix of one green vegetable, one Potato preparation, one with pulses and one with Paneer . This is then followed by the service of two Dals: one sweet and one spicy Dal or Kadhi, followed with Papad and small plump Phulkas (breads). Also there is a variety of either Thepla or Parathas served. The meal is then completed with three different sweet dishes served ranging from Halwas to Bengali Sweet to third one being a Jalebi or Malpua with Rabdi.