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Raleigh, N.C., Restaurants

Pre-COVID-19, it was widely agreed that the food scene in the City of Oaks was thriving, doing better than ever thanks to tasty endeavors from a community that’s passionate about good eats and drinks (the accolades range from one of America’s hottest food cities to one of 12 global destinations to travel to thanks to our culinary prowess).

The good news is that Raleigh, N.C., is a place where entrepreneurial spirit and creative grit thrives, a place where the community collaborates for the greater good and where a people-first mindset has created such a high quality of life and a fantastic place to visit. Restaurants in the Raleigh area are still open, and many of them have been certified through the Count On Me NC program, which teaches businesses how to ensure the best and safest practices when serving guests. Our hospitality community can’t say it loud enough—you’re invited to dig in!

If you’re traveling to Raleigh, you can find out more information on what to expect—what’s open and what safety practices are in place—by viewing this page.