Ramen Ichiraku From ‘Naruto’ Is Officially Open

Naruto Uzumaki‘s favorite ramen spot from the anime/manga, Ramen Ichiraku, has come to life out in Shanghai as an officially licensed restaurant. The Naruto-inspired noodle shop is located in Fukuoka at the Global Harbor shopping mall where the series creator Masashi Kishimoto used to visit when he was a student.

Inside features several cut-outs featuring all the characters, and the menu’s specialty looks exactly like the ramen from the anime. Even some of the chopsticks resemble kunai, the standard ninja weapon as seen in the series. There are also some table decoratives that showcases some of the characters, some scrolls, and plates with kanji on them.

Check out the photos below, then check out the new Game of Thrones Oreos.

Ichiraku Ramen
Global Harbor
Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200063