RANKED: Little Debbie Snacks from Best to Worst


Jared Lorenzen co-hosted today’s show and in the second hour, started the perfect Friday afternoon debate: which Little Debbie snack is the best? Even though Jared’s new lifestyle doesn’t allow him many Little Debbies these days, he wad adamant about the Fudge Round being No. 1.

In honor of Jared, I did my own rankings, which I have a feeling will be a bit controversial.

Before we get to those, make sure you check out today’s podcast, which features Ryan, Jared, Rob Bromley, and a special appearance by the vacationing Matt Jones.

And please join me in congratulating Jared on his weight loss success. Down almost 100 lbs., he looks great and is an inspiration to us all.

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Keep up the hard work, Jared. We’re incredibly proud of you. Now, scroll past this post so you can avoid what’s about to be a lot of temptation.


Little Debbie Snacks, Ranked from Best to Worst

productpage snackbars nuttybuddy

1. Nutty Buddy bars

The perfect mixture of chocolate and peanut better, balanced beautifully with a crispy wafer. I don’t treat myself to Little Debbies often these days, but when I do, I always go for a Nutty Buddy bar.

productpage cakesswissroll 9s0ttd

2. Swiss Rolls

The Swiss Roll is a masterpiece of texture, from the glossy exterior to the cake to the decadent cream filling. Don’t tell me you’ve never unrolled one either; that’s half the fun.

productpage oatmealcremepie swubai

3. Oatmeal Creme Pies

I am a sucker for oatmeal cookies, so this rounds out my top three. You can almost talk yourself into it being not horrible for you until you get to the cream filling. Chewy, buttery, delicious.

productpage fudgerounds qlk9z6

4. Fudge Rounds

Jared’s favorite sits just outside my top three and is perfect when you’re in the mood to overload on chocolate.

productpage cakeschocolatecupcake n44d8u

5. Chocolate Cupcakes

Similar to the Swiss Roll, this has it all.

productpage cakeschocchip dvhvww

6. Chocolate Chip Cakes

I’ve never been a big fan of Little Debbie’s white icing, but the chocolate chips on top help push this into the top ten.

productpage cakes devilcremes dcgild

7. Devil Cremes

A boring version of the Swiss Roll.

productpage chocolatechipcookie 2oqcci i5rt6m wvueet

8. Chocolate Chip Creme Pies

Commercial chocolate chip cookies always disappoint me and the creme filling makes this pie overly sweet.

starcrunch tr3faj 5kh906

9. Star Crunch

The texture of this treat keeps it in the top ten. Otherwise, too much rice krispie, not enough chocolate.

productpage fudgebrownies 4jb4ae

10. Fudge Brownies

Nothing beats a homemade brownie in my book, which is probably why I’m not a huge fan of these. Too dense and not enough flavor.


11. Christmas Tree Cakes

Ranked ahead of the traditional Zebra Cake because Christmas.

productpage cakeszebra 7id02e

12. Zebra Cakes

Again, not a fan of the white icing, and in this case, there isn’t enough chocolate to save it. Just bland yellow cake and too-sweet filling.

productpage cakesfancycakes a64lin

13. Fancy Cakes

Fancy and boring, but if you forget to order petit fours for your friend’s baby shower, they’ll do.

productpage cakesbananatwins z12u0q

14. Banana Twins

No. Disgusting.

productpage template orangecremecake gqrudj

15. Orange Creme Cakes

Who thought this was a good idea? There’s artificial flavoring and then there’s whatever they came up with to make this.

Okay, your turn: