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Daily JOB/RECRUITMENT Sessions (including weekends) as well as on-going seminars that will help you succeed!
Lifetime Job Placement Assistance!

Financial Aid Offered at NYREI

1) VA GI Bill (salesperson course)- contact our office to fill out an application or get more information
about licensing and courses NYREI offers;

2) Workforce New York – (*Currently suspended by New York State for all licensing
courses in the state due to funding.) Call your local office to see if you qualify for
a voucher up to $2500. You will then need to come by the office so we can prepare a letter in order
for you to receive a voucher for the real estate classes

The New York Real Estate Institute provides year-round, 7 days a week real estate
classes from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. We offer non-stop salesperson courses and real estate
classes designed to meet your schedule.

Our highly qualified Instructors come with top academic standards and great real-life education.

Courses Offered at NYREI

Click here for a complete course list. Courses start as LOW as $25.


Browse through over 400 titles, including books, software, audiotapes and videotapes to further your success in Real Estate.
To access the store click link for Online Study and chose Dearborn. You will then see the link on the left for the bookstore.
Or, just click here for the Exam Prep Bookstore.

About The New York Real Estate Institute

NYREI Classroom

  • The New York Real Estate Institute was founded in 1987.
  • NYREI is a member of the Real Estate Education Association.
  • More people have obtained their real estate license in NY from NYREI than any other school in New York.
  • We have several convenient locations in and around NYC. Not in the city? You can take our
    courses online, and we will find an exam location for you anywhere in the state of NY.
  • Our instructors are top real estate industry professionals that offer expert training & career advice.
  • We have a lounge with vending machines where students can relax.
  • Over the course of our 20+ years as New York’s top real estate school, we have built relationships
    with all of the top real estate firms in order to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.
    We are more than a real estate school – we are a career resource.
  • All NYREI licensing and continuing education courses are certified by the New York Department of State.

Founded in 1987, the New York Real Estate Institute helps the tycoons of
tomorrow launch their careers. Offering flexible class schedules at
convenient locations, students here get expert career advice and a wide
variety of courses taught by instructors at the top of their fields. With
weekly rotating classes both in-person and online—from full licensing
courses to continuing-education seminars-NYREI gets its students prepared to
jumpstart their careers or successfully start their own businesses. NYREI
also offers its students benefits that include lifetime job placement
assistance, so that climbing the professional ladder and learning the
secrets of real-estate success will always remain within reach.

The NYREI Approach

Over the years, we have perfected our novel approach of offering a weekly, rotating, start any time course.
This means that a salesperson candidate can start any day and finish in ten days, or take up to four months
to complete the course. Each class session (module) can be taken during the mornings, afternoons, evenings,
or weekends.

The mission of The New York Real Estate Institute is to create a higher standard of real estate learning.
It’s our goal to ensure that every course assists students in furthering their knowledge of the industry, allowing
them to better serve their clients. 

Contact the New York Real Estate Institute today for more information on our courses and how to register for a real
estate license in New York.