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He is most recognized as a Business Educator & FOCUS Consultant for numerous profit and non-profit entities across the country. Rich is an accomplished International Real Estate Broker, Wealth Consultant, Speaker, and Instructor for the National Association of REALTORS®, REBAC (Real Estate Buyers Accredited Council), and REBI (Real Estate Business Institute). In these capacities, he has helped many individuals learn real estate investing and reliable money growing strategies. As a Behavioral Resource Consultant, associated with Predictive Results and Predictive Index, he provides best hiring avenues and people solutions for today’s most diverse business environments. As a “Health of Wealth” Finance Consultant, he provides numerous avenues of restoring investment and wealth initiatives to the growing generations. As an accomplished Body Builder, National Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant, he brings the “Health of Wealth” to the forefront of the wide world of Personal & Business Development, Real Estate, and Financial Services.

Rich is a prominent Business Dynamics Coach, International Real Estate Broker and Finance/ Wealth Consultant. Specializes in entrepreneurial and corporate business structuring as a “FOCUS Strategy Planning Developer” with offices in Georgia, New York and Florida. Prior to his speaking career, he spent over 35 years as a business executive and entrepreneurial professional in International Corporate America developing and intergrading operating practices for national and international business corporations. His organizational expertise as a Re-Structuring Business Specialist has prominently influenced many in the fields of Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance and Technology.

Highly energized with all the Story, Content, Humor and Entertainment your next program needs.

In today’s competitive and diverse environments… If you don’t own it, you can’t have it… ~Rich Hart

How is a Profit Lab different from a typical real estate investing course?

NYREI is the premier real estate investment school in New York. We bring together a diverse group of professionals to teach you up-to-date real estate business practices that will help you increase your bottom line. Not only will you walk away with practical knowledge, but you’ll also have your real estate investment certificate and the confidence to use it. Our pro coaches and teachers investment experience to teach students the skills they need. See the faculty line up below.

1. How to Find and Purchase Income-Producing Properties

  • Spot undervalued properties before they hit the market
  • Learn real estate investing from a “buy low” standpoint.
  • Find the property that fits your investment goals best
  • Identify trends in property values, rent levels and appreciation
  • Attract the ideal tenants

2. Real Estate Finance

  • Creative ways of financing
  • Assess a property’s net operating income and determine the amount of income you can expect from it
  • Estimate the market value of a rental property
  • Analyze a property’s expected ROI
  • Perform financial due diligence on a property you are considering

3. The Best Ways to Negotiate Profitable Real Estate Deals

  • 15 negotiable gambits: how to use them and how to recognize them when they are being used on you
  • Checklists and steps for preparing for any negotiation
  • How to write basic contracts, legal documents, offer letters, sales contracts and more
  • Determine which terms are worth fighting for and which aren’t

4. Entry and Exit Strategies for Savvy Real Estate Investors

  • Execute a wealth creation plan
  • Make money through amortization, cash flow and appreciation
  • Find and profit from discount properties and foreclosures
  • Determine which geographic location is best or the kind of investments you want
  • Plan your exit before you enter a situation
  • Predict your ROI
  • Profit from advance strategies like condo conversions

5. Significantly Increase the Value of Any Property

  • Maximize real estate investments through strategic improvements
  • Protect money — even in a down market
  • Calculate the cost and financial soundness of a project
  • Learn the categories for analyzing a target market
  • Tailor upgrades to draw tenants from your target market
  • Estimate the added value and income that will result from specific improvements
  • Locate hidden opportunities to increase the value of properties you already own

6. Maximize Profits by Managing Real Estate like an Entrepreneur

  • Keep expenses down and income up
  • Avoid the most costly management mistakes investors make
  • Research competitors and write effective promotional copy
  • Develop an entrepreneurial vision for your property
  • Tailor lease terms to your target market
  • Keep maintenance costs low
  • Determine a marketing budget and maximize your advertising dollars
  • Spot trends in vacancies and demand
  • Identify a target market based on the building, local economy and demographics


Course Outline

Among the many topics, this real estate investment course will include:

  • Principles of Real Estate
    Pre-foreclosures, Foreclosure, Short-sales, Loan Modifications, REO’s
  • How to Fund the Deals
  • Creative Finance
    Lease Options, Sandwich Lease Options, Seller Held Seconds, Seller Gift of Equity, Owner finance, Wholesale, Bulk Wholesale, Equitable Title
  • Choosing Target Area
  • How to Find the Deals
  • How to Search Websites
  • 4 Golden Rules
    Market • Cash Flow • Walk In Equity • Exit Strategy
  • How to Determine Value:
    CMA • RMA • Math
  • Deal or no Deal
  • Structure the Deal
  • Contracts:
    Intent to purchase • Offer to purchase
  • Marketing
  • Commercial Real estate
  • Building Your Power Team
  • Offers and Sales Pitch:
    Property Types and Locations, Building Your Buyers List, Handling Phone Calls and Leads, Retailing Properties Step-by-Step

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