In the middle of the pandemic we were fortunate enough to re-open one of Miami-Dade’s most iconic
restaurant venues – Redfish. Creating countless jobs over a 24 month period. This was truly a labor
of love and marked many new milestones, including our first foray into owning and operating a
restaurant alongside business partners.

As we cross the two-year finish line, we reflect on our successes and take with it what we’ve
learned. The proverbial “all good things [must] come to an end” is the most fitting, and on
Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 Chef Adrianne will be stepping away from the partnership with Barreto

Barreto Hospitality will continue to operate Redfish Grill under new culinary direction with a new
concept and management.

To our guests and everyone who helped bring this effort to life, we did it Maximum Flavor-style, and
we had fun!