Redwood City’s Intern Perspective: Favorite Mexican Food

Redwood City’s Intern Perspective: Favorite Mexican Food

The City of Redwood City hosted 17 college interns this summer that worked with different departments throughout the City. A place like Redwood City provides hungry college students with lots of excellent and different restaurants to try. We asked them to team up and share their favorite Redwood City food picks.

Our interns love good Mexican food, and Redwood City is one of the best places to find some of the most delicious in the Bay Area. Read on to find out what Mexican restaurants are their favorites! Make sure to share what you think of these favorites and your personal picks with us!


Tacos El Grullense

The El Grullense franchise has a long history in the Bay Area. The first Tacos El Grullense — located on 1243 Middlefield Road — was founded by Rafael Guerrero 30 years ago in 1987. Since the restaurant’s inception, they have been bringing quality Mexican food to the area, with El Grullense becoming famous especially for their delicious tacos and amazing salsa. There are currently over 30 El Grullense locations in the Bay Area, including multiple locations in Redwood City, all of which are owned and operated by members of the Guerrero family.

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Las Chiquitas

One of the best places to have delicious Mexican food in Redwood City is Las Chiquitas, open since 2013. This restaurant- located on the corner of Broadway and Maple Street is well known throughout the City for its great selection of traditional Mexican dishes. They serve tacos, burritos, tortas, fajitas, and plates with rice, beans, salsa, and meats such as carne asada, carnitas, and chile verde. Their cooks are fast and the food is low in price yet high in taste, with special offerings such as shrimp or crab tacos. Chiquita’s dining area is small, but they offer outside seating, take out and catering services.

Las Juntas

Las Juntas opened their restaurant in 2014, bringing homemade-style Mexican food from the Mexican state of Michoacán to Redwood City. Their menu is full of dishes that take direct influence from foods you can find in Michoacán and the small town of Las Juntas in particular, from which the owners originate. They offer food ranging from Enchiladas Michoacanas and Morisqueta, to other popular home-styled plates such as Menudo, Chavindecas, and Birria — a famous dish from Michoacán.

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Sancho’s Taqueria

Since 2005, Sancho’s Taqueria skilled culinary staff has provided authentic Mexican cuisine to the people of the Bay Area in taquerias which feature traditional Mexican folkloric artwork. Their menu gives customers a wide variety of tacos, burritos, breakfast items, dinner plates, salads, and seafood specials. Some of their most well-known dishes include their amazing Baja-style fish tacos and carnitas burritos. They have three restaurants in the Bay Area and even a food truck.

Sancho’s Taqueria was also featured in our Canyon Neighborhood Road Trip video, in which we explore the different neighborhoods of Redwood City. Make sure to check out our Youtube channel for these and other videos!

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While grabbing a bite at any of these fine establishments, make sure to take and share a picture of your favorite Mexican dish for our Redwood City Through Your Lens photo contest! You could win a fun prize, be recognized at a City Council meeting, and more!

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