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Usage examples of sorbet.

There was a compote of fresh melon and passion fruit sorbet, spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette followed by breast of chicken in a vermouth and ginger cream sauce, and an exotic rice pilaf containing little bits of dried fruits and pistachio nuts.

The placement of brass trays on three-legged wooden stands, the handing round of minute glasses full of fiery liquor and delicate bowls of fruit-flavored sorbet, took what seemed to Gill an inordinately long time while Hafiz and Rafik chatted of trivialities.

At first the pretty French girls in silk aprons and coquettish caps tried to execute the orders, but soon their trays were seized by enthusiastic young men and the waitresses took refuge behind the marble table beside the Madame and helped to hand out the tempting cakes and bonbons and sorbets and sirops and liqueurs.

While they waited, the Vakil ordered chairs brought for Gabrel and Maris, had his servants bring them cups of fruit sorbet chilled in the mountain snows, and even allowed their bonds to be loosened so that they could hold the cups for themselves.

And the harim is of course always that of a wealthy man, who can afford sorbets and oils and silken trousers instead of cheap hand-me-downs that have to last you three years.

Abundant silver on refectory table, liveried menservants behind each chair, others to bring in huge quantities of meats and borscht and beets and pies and jugs of iced vodka, champagne and French wines and sorbets.

I torqued the van out of the lot and drove to the grocery store, where I bought not one but two quarts of nondairy lime sorbet for lactose-intolerant Howie Lauderdale.

He went out of the restaurant without a backward glance and after a moment Alethea took up her spoon with a hand which shook slightly and started on her sorbet.

Once that was under way, I hustled back to the kitchen for the plum tarts-with-zirconia, two cartons of vanilla ice cream, and the first quart of lime sorbet.

They were served with champagne sorbets before the main course and her eyes grew round with delight.

Helen had taken great trouble to cook a superb dinner: crab pancakes in cheese sauce, gigot of lamb, and the most perfect quince sorbet.

There was Perigueux foie gras broken by sharp lemon sorbet before the Strasbourg goose and crepes Suzette flared in a flat-bottomed cauldron, with separate wines with each course and more champagne for the toasts, which the mayor led, followed by a banker.

In early winter when the sun comes up for a few hours at midday, it’ll be all gray and misty, with the hills lost in the haze-like orange sorbet made out of dry ice, somebody said.

Her parents had allowed her to eat sorbet or frozen yogurt, but never ice cream.

We served and cleared the rest of the banquet: a salad of sliced yellow tomatoes and fresh basil, a scoop of champagne sorbet, rare roast rib of beef with julienned vegetables and finally apple snowballs appearing to float on raspberry puree.