Register for Online Courses – Mathematics

Take an online math course with experts at Johns Hopkins University

Exceptional high school, undergraduate, and graduate students along with adult learners can gain a competitive edge by choosing from 18 online classes for credit with esteemed Johns Hopkins mathematics instructors. Students can earn four college credits on a Hopkins transcript from the comfort of home.

A full undergraduate curriculum is available, from Precalculus to Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and beyond, each fall, spring, and summer semester. Students gain mastery through online content and expert instructors.

Johns Hopkins has a long history of preeminence in mathematics research. Since its inception in 1876, the Department of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins has been a place of active research and innovative education.

Course format

A flexible weekly schedule accommodates all student schedules and time zones, and courses include pre-recorded lectures, notes, and interactives to help students learn the material. Assessments include computer-scored items for immediate feedback as well as instructor-graded assignments for personalized learning. Students have access to instructors through email or individual reviews, and weekly instructor-led synchronous problem-solving sessions are recorded to view any time. Students should expect to work a minimum of 5-10 hours per week.

Who can take online Math classes?

High school students, undergraduates at other institutions, graduate students, and adult learners can enroll in any summer, fall, or spring online course. Current Hopkins undergraduates can enroll in summer or January sessions.

Fall 2022 courses

Registration for Fall 2022 online math courses is currently open. The last day to enroll is Monday August 29th.

  • All online courses are 4 credits with the exception of 110.102 College Algebra which is 3 credits.
  • Tuition for 4 credit courses receiving undergraduate credit is $4,480. Tuition for the 3 credit 110.102 College Algebra is $3,360. For students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are looking for courses not for undergraduate credit (such as for enrichment, post-bac credit or placement) tuition is $1,545.
  • To apply for an upcoming course, please fill out the Application form. There is an $85 USD application fee for new students.

Spring 2023 course registration will open on October 1, 2022.