Reiki Training Programs

Traditional Reiki is a journey of self-discovery, personal healing and becoming a vessel of healing for others. Traditional Reiki is taught based on the techniques and protocols handed down for generations from Madame Takata’s linage. It begins in Reiki I, with focus on the history of Reiki, energy anatomy, self-healing protocol and becoming attuned to the traditional Reiki symbols. Reiki II deepens the understanding and uses for the Traditional Reiki symbols and broadens the practice of Reiki from self-healing, to facilitating healing in others. Reiki III brings the practitioner to the mastership level with attunement to the Reiki Master symbol. While reflecting on the Reiki journey to this point, and being firmly grounded in the present, the practitioner envisions where this practice will lead themselves in the future as a Reiki Master.

Traditional Reiki Classes

Reiki I – Traditional
Reiki II – Traditional
Reiki III – Advanced Traditional
Reiki Clinic
Reiki Master/Teacher Initiation

Choose 32 hours of electives from the following below:

Reiki and Beyond – Sound and Vibration
Reiki – Angels, Guides, and Masters
Reiki Symbolism and Geometric
Reiki for Prosperity