Relias Healthcare LMS Reviews & Ratings | 2022 | Software Advice

Forced into being a subscriber more than 4 years later…

I really can’t describe how frustrating Relias has been. The customer service is terrible (they will regularly admit that they don’t know how to fix a problem, and not follow up with a solution), the product has only a fraction of the promised capabilities, and they substitute in deceptive long-term autorenewal of contracts in for a functional product or customer service. It’s so bad that while we have decided to stop attempting to use Relias even though we are still paying for it for the next 3 years, and subscribe to another company’s LMS system simultaneously, as having a functional LMS product is critical and Relias’s LMS system is not functional for our needs. In short, we’ll be paying several thousand dollars for an unusable product through Relias over the upcoming years, and then paying less elsewhere for another LMS product that in superior in all ways.


The concept of having an administrator account that allowed us to assign and monitor what courses staff is what originally attracted us to the product. We also liked the concept of purchasing “Seats” that could be rotated between users if we didn’t need to use the seat for one person ongoing.


The user experience is quite awful. The courses randomly stop in the middle and makes you restart, forcing users to watch courses multiple times to finish. Several of the courses I took were acceptable in content, and others gave advice and opinions contrary to research, which is a significant concern in the field. They say that they have CEU courses for multiple disciplines, but when we try to access courses for certain disciplines listed, there will just be one or two basic courses, such as HIPPA – which all clinicians already have and is not specific to the discipline. Most frustrating is that they slip a tiny link at the bottom of their contracts that link to a separate “terms and conditions” document, in which they lock small companies into contracts impossible to get out of for years and years. Our previous business manager, who has since passed away, started a 3 years contract with them over 4 years ago. I tried to cancel services after the end of the last contract and they say they autorenewed the contract for another 3 years, (without anyone’s approval), because our deceased business manager didn’t contact them prior to the end of the contract to stop the autorenewal. That’s several thousand dollars worth of services over the upcoming years, what we didn’t agree to and don’t want, that they will continue trying to bill us for for the next 3 years.