[Resolved] H&R Block / HRB Digital Review: tax course – ComplaintsBoard.com

Don’t waste your money on this tax course for what they pay to start is it worth it, no! I took the course passed and got my certification which I was told was good forever. Wrong! I couldnt work for them last year and when I tried to apply this year I was told I had to either pass the assesment or take the course again! What! Are you kidding me! I thought me cert lasts forever they said it does you can do taxes for friends and family, I could do taxes for friends and family before I passed this stupid cost me 120.00 dollar course! While needless to say you need an 80 to pass the assesment, even the irs only requires a 75 wtf! Once I finally pass it with an 80 after several attempts and having to order the pub 17 I was told even though I passed, because I didn’t pass on the first tries, becuase I had to take it several times determined to pass even without the pub in hand they told me I still failed and would have to pay 140.00 again to take the coures for the cert that supposely last forever. Don’t waste your money on this one folks I have a full time job why would I go through all this trouble to work for peanuts? My advice spend your hard earned money on something else!