Rest in Peas: 9 of the Spookiest Restaurants in America

If loving fall was a sport, we’d be Olympic athletes for sure. I mean, from pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters to scary movies and spiderweb decorations, we are here for everything. And any true Halloween fan knows that nothing can put you in the haunting spirit quite like a spooky restaurant.

From the creepy-themed food and drinks to the haunted ghost stories to the waitstaff that’s dressed like zombies, it’ll be hard not to scream (with delight, of course) at these delicious spots. If you want the fully immersive Halloween dining experience, check out one of these restaurants from around the country:

Beetle House | New York City

It’s showtime, baby. Inspired by the works of Tim Burton, Beetle House in Manhattan’s East Village goes all out with horror and magic, showcasing literary and cinematic works in the food, decor and more! Dress up in your spookiest costume and you’ll feel right at home with the staff, who portray iconic characters like Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, and of course, Beetlejuice. It’s a uniquely ghoulish experience that brings the world of horror to life.

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Last Rites | San Francisco

Yellow cocktail with mint garnish in a dark tiki bar.Yellow cocktail with mint garnish in a dark tiki bar.

When paradise goes wrong, you’ll find yourself enjoying a drink at Last Rites. This moody tiki bar takes a dark turn with a spooky plane-crash theme. The owners built the back bar from an actual airplane, and bar stools from airplane seats. Lush tropical foliage mixed with skulls and smoke covers the bar, which only adds to the ominous vibe of this immersive spot. Don’t forget to sample all the spiked and spooky drinks — especially the ones they light on fire.

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Muriel’s Jackson Square | New Orleans

Get a fright in the French Quarter when you visit Muriel’s Jackson Square. Several ghosts are said to live in this 19th-century building, which oozes with old-world elegance. You can feel their presence most in the Seance Lounge, a seductive and mysterious room decked out in moody jewel tones and lush decor. Guests have also reported hearing distinct knocking sounds and women’s voices. If you can handle all that, the authentic Creole cuisine is delicious.

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Old Devil Moon | San Francisco

When the moon is full, the mischief is high. Dripping with black magic (i.e. candles, tarot, ouija, black cats and fortune-tellers), Old Devil Moon is a can’t-miss spooky bar. Specializing in craft cocktails, good beer and quality po’boys, this mysterious dive bar sucks you in with its eclectic charm.

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The Witches Brew | West Hempstead, N.Y.

Let the good times brew at The Witches Brew Coffee House. This century-old house-turned-cafe on Long Island has the perfect witchy vibes. Decked out with kitschy trinkets, string lights, black painted walls, vintage mirrors and tons of burning candles, it’s always the witching hour here.

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Phantom Carriage Brewing | Gardena, Calif.

Take a ride on the dark side at Phantom Carriage. Named after an obscure 1920s Swedish horror film, this horror-themed brewery resembles an ominous castle cellar and features an on-site movie theatre showcasing creepy classics. Guests can watch one of these flicks while sipping on their favorite brews. Specializing in world-class Belgian Style Wild Ales with names like “Sever the Cerebrum,” “Nightmare on Main St” and “Bloodacres,” this unique pub is one of Los Angeles’s top-rated breweries.

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The Cauldron | New York City

“Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” (We didn’t expect to be quoting Shakespeare, but here we are, so just roll with it.) Get your wands ready to cast some magical spells at The Cauldron. This interactive potion-making experience brings the wizarding world to you. You’ll feel like a wizard in no time as you wave your wand to make delicious drinks and tasty treats appear. 

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Jekyll and Hyde Club | New York City

Bartenders in costumes making halloween dry ice drinks.Bartenders in costumes making halloween dry ice drinks.

If you’re looking for a wicked good time that all your personalities will enjoy, look no further than The Jekyll and Hyde Club. NYC’s only haunted house AND Halloween-themed restaurant is the place to be on Oct. 31st. With a cast of full-time characters, interactive special effects, and multiple haunted floors to explore, this place knows how to entertain. 

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Scarlett O’Hara’s | St. Augustine, Fla.

Frankly, dear, you’re gonna want to give a damn about this haunted restaurant. Scarlett O’Hara’s boasts one amazing trifecta: live music, award-winning BBQ and ghosts. One of Florida’s most-haunted spots, this casual neighborhood bar has even spooked the staff, who report seeing picture frames moving and feeling as if they’re being watched. Be sure to check out the upstairs ghost bar for some chills and thrills.

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