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You will find our Restaurant Aprons to be the perfect fit for your waiters, bussers and kitchen. With so many styles and color options, we make it easy to buy waitstaff aprons that function exactly the way you need them to. We offer durable stain resistant restaurant server aprons and work aprons ready for anything you can throw or spill on them. Our wide selection includes everything from standard black waist aprons and long bistro styles, to white kitchen aprons.

Choosing the Right Apron

Each restaurant has it’s own unique image and operational needs. The apron you choose can be a very affordable way to address both. Adding that pop of color can do much to reinforce your brand, just think coffee and the cheerful barista in the green apron comes to mind. What a simple and affordable yet very effective branding tool? Also consider the rest of your uniform. Do you need to match a shirt or a cap or just accent a one color uniform? We offer most of our aprons in more than twenty colors, so whether you need a subtle accent to your workplace or really want to make a strong statement we’ve got it.

Take a minute to determine the functionality you need. Who will be wearing the apron and what are their daily activities? We recommend asking the staff what they think as well. The information they provide will help you decide what is needed and help them be more efficient for you all around. The most common functional considerations are the length of the apron and the number, size and location of the pockets. POS systems with tablet style ordering pads are becoming common and require larger pockets as do some standard waiter books. Do they need separate pockets for cash, change, pens or other items you may require to be carried? Putting in the time for a little bit of planning will result in the best solution for you!

Determine if you want a logo added and where you want it located. Generally logos are placed about one half inch from seams and pockets. If you do require a logo directly on the apron pocket we do have custom solutions for that as well.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for just ask because we can also make custom aprons just for you with as little as 36 pieces! Be sure to click on the each section to see the all the styles of we have available. These work aprons are ready for your logo. We offer screen printed and embroidered aprons. Send us your logo for a custom logo apron quote.