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Suppose you want your bar or restaurant to make an impression before your
guests even walk in the door. Prominent window graphics, exciting outdoor
sign, or colorful flag sign is a must-have. A comprehensive professionally
designed sign package helps you stand out in a busy bar and restaurant
area like Downtown Louisville on Main St.

Continue to impress your guests as they walk inside your establishment,
with exciting menu boards, informational floor graphics, and eye-catching
digital signs.


No matter how big or small your restaurant, signs are vital to your success.
Outdoor signs, window graphics, flags, menu boards, floor graphics, and
digital signs are all important and have powerful uses. Here are a few
of the benefits of different restaurant signs.

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Menu boards are often used in restaurant and bars turning a lot of covers.
By displaying your food items and libations along with descriptions, menu
boards support more ordering accuracy while decreasing the time it takes
for consumers to choose and pay for their items. Quality digital menu
boards cut down on questions freeing up staff.


Outdoor signs are crucial for any restaurant and are typically the biggest
part of a restaurant’s sign budget. A large, bright, professionally
installed outdoor lighted sign is money well spent. A quality lighted
sign not only helps identify your restaurant for consumers looking for
your destination but can be the sole reason a passerby tries your restaurant
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A flag sign is more than just a piece of cloth with a design mounted on
a pole, stuck in the ground. It is an invaluable marketing tool when placed
in front of a restaurant or bar. Flag signs are a simple idea, but they
grab attention with movement and bright colors helping you stand out from
the many restaurants in Louisville.


Floor graphics are a type of advertising product that utilizes empty floor
space to market products and services with unique and eye-catching designs.
They can promote special events, advertise new menu items, help direct
traffic, or add a touch of personality to your establishment. Floor graphics
are an effective way to grab attention and influence guest behavior. Studies
have shown they increase dwell time and impulse purchases and improve
brand recognition.


Digital signs are another powerful way to reach potential guests and create
a memorable experience. Whether you’re highlighting daily specials or
promoting upcoming events, digital signs are an effective way to get noticed.


Window graphics are one of the first things guests see when they approach
your establishment, so it’s important they are of high quality and accurately
reflect your restaurant brand. Good window graphics help create a cohesive,
professionally branded appearance, and are a key marketing tool to promote
certain items and specials.


If you’re looking for a great local sign shop to craft custom signs
for your restaurant, bar, or café, give us a call at FASTSIGNS®
of Louisville, KY. We serve Jefferson County, Louisville, Highview, Okolona,
Fern Creek, and Newburg. Don’t wait to give your business a boost. Contact
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