Restaurant Bryce Canyon | Bryce Canyon Pines

Our restaurant in Bryce is a local and guest favorite with delicious home cooked meals including soup, pie, cowboy size steaks, mashed potatoes, and gravy. We pride ourselves in providing hearty, homemade meals and the best food the west has to offer. For over 50 years we have specialized in satisfying traveler’s taste buds.

Our Bryce Canyon restaurant is world famous for its homemade soup and pies. We have one of the largest selections of pie including boysenberry, blueberry, cherry, apple, chocolate angel, sour cream with raisin, and our specialty pies like banana, blueberry, and banana strawberry. In fact, our pies were recognized as among the “Best of America”. We have even made it into tour guides in Europe.

What’s better than enjoying a delicious meal around a blazing Ponderosa fire? No other restaurants in Bryce Canyon can compare to the experience we offer. So bring the entire family and enjoy a meal in our casual, relaxing environment.

For more information about our restaurant, be sure to contact Bryce Canyon Pines