Restaurant Depot – 4501 W Mitchell Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, US – Zaubee

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Absolutely horrible customer service
I was having trouble setting up a membership. I called and the lady wouldn’t even let me get a word out.”

“I wish I could give zero star.
Run!!!!! This place is horrible! My 1st time visit this morning around, and walked out immediately.
I needed assistance to get extra frozen cookies, and the guy at the entrance, supposed to be the CS rep, acted like he had no clues what I was talking about. He even did not bother to ask. I had to repeat my question by asking if someone could help with getting extra cases. A lady, happened to be “receptionist” on her badge, horrible!!!!! I asked her with the same question, and first she acknowledged me. Later, when went to other area and came back, talking to the same guy. She positioned herself backing me, so I couldn’t see her face. I tried to approach,and yet, she was moving away. When she walked by, I asked her one more time, and her response, ” I don’t work here. He’ll get someone for you.” Wow!!!!! Lady?????? I am sure one day you won’t work there with your nasty attitude like that!
Another gentleman walked by and I asked for help. Her went to the “CS” desk area, came back and asked what I needed. I told him 2 extra frozen cookies, please. After quite while waiting, never seen him coming back. I left! This business will not get a penny out of my pocket.
Rude! Disrespectful and nasty attitudes. The store needs to train these lazy people to be more customer service oriented. Such a shame!
Wasserstorm is much better place and service. Never ever coming back to RD anymore. Bad!????? such a shame, a business ruined by unprofessional and lacked of CS staff.”

“This store’s inventory system is simply terrible. You can never trust the information on their website. It’s not much better if you call the store either because even their own personnel doesn’t trust their computer either. The computer would show an item with plenty of stock and there would be none on the shelf. This has happened to me several times. The shopping experience has gone downhill a lot.”

“Very dirty. The Lady cashier is rude. It was a lot quieter than usual though. The employees weren’t yelling and cursing, and playing around. So I’ll give them that.”

“The current “manager” male needs some training in proper customer service. He has been rude to me on separate occasions for minimal things. Michelle and there former manager were so awesome, respectful and definitely had great customer service! There are others who are awesome that I do not know by name. Indeed, this guy makes me dread coming here. I guess it is time to find somewhere else to send my business. He is so rude!”