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Restaurant Depot carries a variety of products, so you can check everything off your business's inventory shopping list.

In the

produce department

, you can shop for

fresh fruits



, and


in the quantities your business needs. For example, you can buy a single pineapple, a 1-pound carton of blueberries, a 10-pound bag of onions, a case of 24 heads of romaine lettuce, or 60 bunches of cilantro.

Over at the



seafood department

, you'll find fresh or frozen packages of meat,


, and seafood, as well as sausages, hot dogs, and bacon. You can purchase meat by the pound or already measured and packaged. The meat and seafood department also sells other packaged meat or seafood products, such as cooked breaded chicken patties and crab cakes.

The frozen-food department sells a variety of products to meet your business's needs. You can find almost anything in the frozen aisles, from frozen appetizers and produce to frozen desserts and ice cream products. Restaurant Depot also sells other food products, including international grocery items,

dairy and eggs


baking products

, and

canned and dry foods


While your business mainly makes or sells food, you'll also need to stay stocked with other supplies. Restaurant Depot sells items you'll need, such as cleaning products, paper products, trash bags, and various kitchen supplies.