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Overall Reviews at Restaurant Depot in Mesa, AZ


Deli Associate | Mesa, AZ | Oct 26, 2018

restaurant depot sucks

I was working at restaurant depot and my supervisor told me to start practicing on the forklift so that i can get forklift certified, and i went to put a pallet on the top rack and accidentally hit a sprinkler on the roof. and after the manager shut off all of the alarms, he told me not to worry about it, that i will be fine. i went in to work the next morning and got terminated for the incident the day before. they lied to me and didnt even have the decency to call me and tell me i no longer had a job with them.
They also are extremely unprofessional and rude, on a daily basis .






Produce Associate | Mesa, AZ | Mar 20, 2014

It’s stability

It’s full time, 40 hours sometimes over time, I use the standing fork lift (or the HILO) we pack out product, clean, customer service, rotate product properly, I know how to do multiple departments. The hardest part of the job is some of the customer service because we encounter many restaurant owners and some are very difficult. I currently work in the produce department


two 15 minute breaks 30 minute lunch, benefits after 8 months medical, dental, some eye care, and has a union but not the best union


some of the managers and some of the customers


Hi-lo Driver | Mesa, AZ | Aug 24, 2021

Good place to work

Store manager was one of the best bosses I’ve had. Most managers were cool. Mostly everyone got along. Work was hectic and fast paced. Barely had time for breaks so my day went by so fast.


Samples were always good, some coworkers became good friends, met a lot of cool business owners


Late breaks sometimes, no room in warehouse at times


Cashier | Mesa, AZ | Jan 15, 2017

It is a fast paced work place

I enjoyed my time there and would still be with the company except for my personal obligations that needed my attention elsewhere.
Staying with the jetro family was not an option at this time.


Union, inexpensive benefits


The usual work place stuff, gossip back stabing etc.


Front End Manager | Mesa, AZ | Jul 19, 2017

Fast pace place of work makes days fly by

loved working here I learned a lot in the time was employed. I moved up really fast and worked hard. I also traveled to Tucson for them for a couple months. I really enjoyed this place


Deli Associate | Mesa, AZ | Aug 14, 2019


Good place to work. Pretty much gauranteed hours and benefits are good. I also liked the people. Always something to do. Never boring. Pay is decent for Arizona also.


Meat Carver | Mesa, AZ | Feb 11, 2019

Fast paced

Only issue was certain key positions didn’t have right people , I had inventory issues often, was usually receiving errors. Causing my job to be more difficult.


Supervisor | Mesa, AZ | Aug 1, 2016

Interesting place

Long work days and not much time for personal time. They play favorites when it comes to certain employees and they are not fair with vacations and time off.