Restaurant Depot Opens in Garden City with Boost from IDA – Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency

A massive warehouse bursting with fresh meats and fish, quality produce and a huge array of groceries has been established in Garden City for the exclusive purpose of supplying hundreds of Long Island restaurants.

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray was instrumental in directing the company, Restaurant Depot, to the town’s Industrial Development Agency for a package of incentives that made the project a reality.

With a big boost from the Industrial Development Agency, Restaurant Depot has set up shop in a 96,000 square foot warehouse located at 720 Stewart Avenue. It is one of more than 60 such facilities operated by RD America Inc. throughout the United States.

“Restaurant Depot told us at the IDA of a proposed warehouse location that met its needs in establishing a wholesale cash and carry grocery and food service operation,” said Fred Parola, Chief Executive Officer of the IDA. “It was a great idea and we were happy to help.”

The company’s plan was to spend $5,025,000 to renovate the existing warehouse on the south side of Stewart Avenue – including an astounding plan to raise the entire roof by more than 30 feet. That engineering feat accomplished, Restaurant Depot officially opened its doors this month to shoppers representing restaurants and other commercial establishments.

With a package of benefits conferred by the IDA, RD America was able to move forward with the project. The company expects to employ 36 full time and four part time workers in this first year. In year two, Restaurant Depot will have a projected roster of 45 full timers and five part timers.

“Without the IDA this never would have gotten off the ground,” said Stanley Fleishman, Chief Executive Officer of the firm.