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Google Review

"I've had lunch here a few times and I've loved the food and service every time. Staff is very friendly. Food is beautifully presented and delicious. Staff is friendly and service prompt without feeling rushed even when I went in near the closing of the lunch shift. Highly recommend" – Kathryn Chapman (Local Guide) 


Riverfront Times

"The bahn xeo — many of the same ingredients, with the addition of fresh leaf lettuce — is designed to be rolled in an accompanying airily eggy pancake and dipped in a spicy rice-vinegar sauce. In this case, the quantity was more than sufficient, certainly big enough to be shared by two people."


"The crispy spring rolls had a perfectly fried crispy outside similar to rally's fries vs. a sad take-out Chinese egg roll. The filling was a savory meat mixture that included pork, shrimp, and crab, and was served with a flavorful but light nuoc mam that complimented the dish perfectly. The papaya salad was also well received. The papaya was very fresh and dressed with a light helping of nuoc mam and chili garlic sauce if you want to spice it up." Wells Ling (Elite 2020)