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  • Which type of logo is the best for restaurant logos?

    All types of logos can be used to create a logo for a restaurant. It all depends on the style you want to have and the components you wish to stand out.

  • How many colors should be used on my restaurant logo?

    We do not recommend using more than three colors on a logo most of the time. Think about the most known restaurant chains; most of them only use two or three colors.

  • Where do I find icons related to catering and food?

    Our logo maker offers you more than 2000 logo templates, of which hundreds are related to restaurants and food. When creating your logo, click on Add an icon and then search. We are sure you will find icons that meet your needs.

  • What should I keep in mind when creating a logo for my restaurant?

    A good logo must be simple, distinctive, unique, memorable, and representative. Since you want to create a logo for your restaurant, we add to this list that your logo must be flexible. Indeed, it is easier to use your brand image on different supports when you have a flexible logo.

  • What type of font should I use for my restaurant logo?

    It depends on the style of your logo. If you want your restaurant logo to have a more professional or traditional look, you should use a serif font. On the other hand, if you are going to start a restaurant for families or something more accessible and modern, sans serif fonts are more relevant.

  • Where should I use my restaurant logo after it is created?

    Once you have created a logo for your restaurant, you can use it everywhere. First, do not hesitate to display it in front of your restaurant, on the menus, on employees’ uniforms, or on the packaging. You can also use your restaurant logo on your official documents, website, and social media.