Restaurant Menus | Deck 84

Deck 84 Etiquette Tips for Dogs: 

Make sure your pooch is well-behaved around other people,
especially children

Barking will NOT be tolerated

Leash your four-legged friend and keep him or her from socializing
with diners, employees or other pets, unless they approve

Try to keep your dog close to your table or chair so he/she is not in the waiter’s path

Dogs are not allowed on chairs or tables

Bring your own doggie bowl or ask the waiter for a plastic bowl or cup
for water, if necessary. 

Pets are NOT permitted to eat or drink out of restaurant glasses, plateware or utensils.

Remember to tie your dog to your chair and not a table. A dog tied to
a table can result in spilled drinks or food if he/she is strong enough to
make the table move.

Dog owners failing to comply with the above rules will not be allowed to remain on the patio