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Hubby and I were celebrating our 29th anniversary, and wanted some special food, with the glowing reviews about Chef O’Neil we hoped this was going to be the gastronomic treat that was promised… unfortunately it was not.

We had the Oysters with Lemon Foam, which…was ok, but both of us had to spit out pieces of shell more than once. We’ve had oysters at other venues many times- without shell bits I might add so we know it’s possible.

Hubby had the Carbonara – which had the pasta floating In a pool of sauce that had a definitive flour aftertaste, and the pancetta was chopped so tiny you had to go looking for it. This should not have been served this way – if you’ve ever had traditional carbonara – you will know that the sauce should just cover the pasta enough for the flavor as it is very rich with cheese, eggs and pancetta. This looked and tasted like a white wine (not fully cooked) bechamel with cheese added. Definitely not Carbonara.

I had the wild mushroom Gorgonzola tagliatelli. While it was better tasting than the Carbonara, I couldn’t taste the Gorgonzola at all… honestly the sauce had the same taste as most canned mushroom soups, sorry to say. It was under-seasoned, and seriously needed the bite that the cheese would have given it. Or lemon…or something!

Dessert was ok – Creme Brule trio for Hubby and Tiramisu trio for me. The stars in that grouping were the green tea Creme Brule – but only because it was better than the others – and unfortunately didn’t have any of that earthy green tea flavor despite being green. The star of the Tiramisu trio was the strawberry one – but again it would have shone brighter had they used a liquor that complimented the lovely strawberry flavor of the blended confit on top.

I heard that Chef O’Neil wasn’t in-house the night we came – and wonder if he’s aware that the dishes he chose just weren’t “chef” quality.

All of that said – the service was impeccable and we purchased the truffles as a take home treat. While they are small – they are tasty!

Wishing Chef O’Neil the best, but it does look like the recipes need his attention!!