Restaurant Review for Jeune et Jolie, Carlsbad – Chef Marian


Here is your Restaurant Review for Jeune et Jolie Carlsbad. There was not one bad thing on their menu because the Executive Chef Eric Bost watches every plate as it comes off the line much as some of the Iron Chefs do at their restaurants. And it shows….. believe me, it shows.

They are currently doing a 4 course meal. We were a table of four that tasted mostly everything. Simple things really

stand out. They have a muffin with avocado butter. It looks like a muffin, but guess what? It’s a billowy, flavorful savory croissant. Surprise! And avocado butter with a pinch of flakey salt, if I remember right. So good. So good.

Eaters Rima, Bob, Diane and I all had our favorites. And we agreed on ONE

particular thing: The cocktail sauce on our seafood starter (off menu – you’ll have to ask for it) had shrimp, mussels, clams and more and was simply amazing. Rima says she wants the recipe so she can make it at home and Diane says she will never eat regular cocktail sauce again! I’m going to contact the chef and see if I can get the recipe!

The Canard (duck) got rave reviews.

And Bob loved his snake river farms ribeye and added fresh truffles to it (up charge that he says was well worth it)!

We loved all the desserts but Chef

Marian (moi) went for the savory Fromage (epoisse cheese) with potatoes and I must say the flavor not only lingers, but shows up in my dreams.

This ends this year of Chef Marian Foodies, found advertised on…. Please join and then contact me to get onto our Restaurant Review Team, with advance notice of new restaurants posted. We will definitely add Jeune et Jolie to our current line up of 21 award winning restaurants, all over San Diego, posted soon, for next year!

Bon Appétit,
Chef Marian