Restaurant Review: Morning Wood – sophaddicted

Is it really called brunch if you don’t wake up early on a weekend morning and wait in an hour long line for your first meal of the day? It’s kind of crazy how serious the people in the Bay take their brunch game, but I guess they don’t want to miss out on some Morning Wood themselves ?

Morning Wood is a Hawaiian and Japanese fusion brunch restaurant in South San Francisco. There’s not too much around that area so people literally come here just for this meal. After waiting in line (twice – as I came back the week after), I see why people keep coming back. The portions are not only ginormous, but it’s delicious as well.

*Note: they change some items on the menu every month so some of the items below might not be available when you go.

Here’s a breakdown of the items I got and I would recommend all of them!

Yuzu Talkin’ to Me?

I knew I had to get this when I saw mochi pancakes. I love the chewy texture of mochi and this pancake was no exception. The pancakes tasted like a pancake, but with the mochi consistency. I also really like the yuzu butter that they paired with it.

2b9ac89a c335 4365 a8c3 f5279fd75906 1Yuzu Talkin’ to Me? | Yuzu butter mochi pancakes, berries, li hing mui, yuzu honey butter

Shaokee Poke

I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. I had no idea that poke paired so well with hummus. The poke itself was super fresh and was coated in a really delicious soy sauce dressing. The hummus was very smooth and I actually like the crunch from the wasabi peas. This was a really creative and delicious dish.

80e3a8b0 c9d1 4f49 917d 7a977de37deb 2Shaokee Poke | Cold smoked hamachi, ogo, inamons radish, onions, soy, chili garlic, miso hummus, wasabi peas

The Pec 2.0

If you want to feed a family, this is the dish to get. The sandwich is HUGE! It pretty much tasted like a sausage omelette stuffed into a burger. The sausage had a sweet flavor and the melted cheese complimented the sandwich well. The crack potatoes were really good with a thin crispy skin and soft inside.

ab8a1aba e5fc 40fc ac5f 01368694dce2 1The Pec 2.0 | Portuguese sauces omlette, cheddar, aioli, aioli, toasted buns, crack potatoes

“Hapanese” Breakfast

I really liked this meal as it was more simple, but had great flavors. I usually don’t order rice and meat since I eat it all the time, but the rice was nice and fluffy and the sausage was tender and had great flavor. I loved the sous vide eggs – the delicate texture and how silky it is.

fc81e999 994a 4b3a 9365 6cd6e1933c02 1“Hapanese” Breakfast | Ontama rice, sous vide eggs, pickles, miso soup, side of portuguese sausage

Mochiko Chicken

I try to be healthy most of the time, but I just had an urge to try the fried chicken. It was so worth it as it was well seasoned, perfectly crispy and super tender on the inside.

95f4a4f6 85f3 443d 911a bca72bcd1e8b 3Side of Mochiko Chicken


Overall, I’m a huge fan of this place. If you’ve got some time or patience to wait in a line for bunch, go get yourself some Morning Wood.