Restaurant Silla-Korean Cuisine – 1802 W Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio, US – Zaubee

Here are some reviews from our users.

“I’ve reviewed this place before, and I’ll do it again. Best Korean food in Columbus. I wish I could eat everything on the menu.”

“cute little hole in the wall (it’s actually in an alley?) but nice inside. Food was served quickly, we had soondae guk and samgyupsal. the pork was great, crispy and salty, and the stew had a nice broth. the soondae didn’t taste super great but all in all I would go back and try more dishes!”

“They are indeed open and happy to serve you. Setting is very well spaced for social distancing and the food is delicious as always. One of my fav spots in Columbus”

“Restaurant Silla back to regular business hour from today 2//am – mid night. Whoever miss their food, now you can stop by and enjoy it.”

“Best korean food i’ve ever had! so glad they’re back open!!”