Restaurant Wholesale Store Open to Public For First Time Ever

Normally only restaurant-owners can shop, but public allowed for first time in 40 years

Thanks to SF Gate for letting us know that for the first time in its 40-year history, Restaurant Depot – a restaurant supply store for people in the food service industry, is now allowing the regular public to shop and buy bulk goods.

Think of this like Costco, but just stuff for restaurants like cleaning supplies, fresh produce, dry groceries, fresh and frozen meat and tons more.

Restaurant Depot Bay Area Locations

Open 7 days, with no minimum purchase required

  • San Francisco – 20145 Evans Ave. (Bayview) – M-F 6a-6p, Sat 7a-4p, Sun 8a-3p
  • Oakland – 400 High St. – M-F 6a-6p, Sat 7a-4p, Sun 8a-3p
  • San Jose – 520 Brennan St. – M-F 6a-6p, Sat 7a-4p, Sun 8a-3p

    Please note this is an evolving story. Hours may change, and future changes to non-members access may be coming

The good news is this gives people another place to do infrequent, but high quantify shopping to stock up should they want to. The bad news is that there is already a big backlash of Restaurant Depot’s existing customer restaurant-owner customer base who now have to compete for goods with the general public, making it harder for them to stock up their restaurants.

As Restaurant Depot becomes more popular with the general public expect some potential limitations on hours should they choose to appease their existing member base.