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  • Fishing A.


    Since there is no better alternative it gets 5 stars. The forklift drivers inside will kill someone eventually. No me of them speak English nor care if there is a person in front of them. I… more

  • Fernando R.


    This place sucks I can’t wait till Amazon crushes them. The Managers are fucking useless! Lines out the door and there standing around like retards! Amazon destroy this business please! more

  • Aixa L.


    Worst employees at the registers nasty attitude. If you don’t like your job go elsewhere. more

  • Giovanni R.


    Freezer guy employee is rude and threatening customer to go outside for fight. Beware for this employee. more

  • Nory M.


    This location is horrible the managers are rude and disrespectful. The way they speak to their customers and employees leaves me at a lost for words. Many people are closing their accounts with… more