Reza’s Restaurant Reviews – Chicago, IL – 6 Reviews


I have been telling everyone to book their reception at Reza’s.

We were at the Andersonville location. Saad, the manager and our contact person, was nothing but patient and kind to us. You have to make a 50% deposit to book the banquet room upstairs, but he let us make a lower estimate than we actually had, to ensure that we did not overpay (i.e. we knew about 60 people would come, but he only made us pay for 20 up front, just in case). You pay the rest at the end of the night.

The day of the banquet they let my florist and her gang come in 5 hours early to set up. They even helped set up tables. They admittedly did mess up the seating plan (somehow they forgot two tables), but were very eager to fix that once we realized it. And it didn’t disrupt anything.

They allowed us to bring in a sound system for music and we danced the night away. Granted, we weren’t a rowdy and drunk bunch, but they never even hinted at asking us to turn the music down.

The room was a pretty exposed brick with hardwood floors room. Very urban studio and exactly what we wanted. They even let us decorate the gorgeous banister with flowers.

Still, the best part was the food. We got Banquet Menu #4, which at $29.95 a person ($38.11 with tax and tip, though we added a bit more at the end of the night) was a steal. The room comes FREEEEEE with the food. This menu package gave us 5 appetizers (grilled mushrooms, hummus, grilled feta, grilled potatoes and maust khiar yogurt), rice (dill and white), lentil soup, drinks, tea, dessert (bamieh and baklavah) and 3 entree options (Filet Mignon Kebab, Huge Shrimp Kebab and best of all, SEA BASS). People are honestly still talking about that sea bass 8 months later. They even brought up some more for us when it all disappeared.

My only small complaint is that you can’t bring in outside drinks. I don’t drink alcohol, and neither did half the guests, so we wanted sparkling cider, but they did not have it, nor would they allow us to bring it. We just toasted with Coca-Cola, which was humorous because it looks like dark red wine when it’s in a wine cup, so we all looked guilty in our wedding pictures. 🙂