RH ROOFTOP RESTAURANT MARIN, Corte Madera – Tripadvisor Reviews

The Restoration Hardward (RH) restaurant in Corte Madera is located on the rooftop of the Restoration Hardware at the Gallery at the Village. I had a lovely afternoon hear dining with some girlfriends. The restaurant concept is very open with sliding glass doors that open…to the outside deck that was stocked with RH couches and tables (but there were no diners outside and we were not offered an outdoor table). The restaurant is decorated with a lot of greenery, modern crystal chandeliers, and white cushioned low booths. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, the ambience and drinks, but I found the price to be quite steep (even for a CA restaurant!) Salads are $19 and that's before you add the protein (another $16). The portions are very average….we all ate most of the salad with nothing to take home. I will also note that we also had a delicious cheeseboard, but it only came with three slices of bread…….for four of us. And there was still more than 2/3s of the cheese left. Did they expect us to finish the cheese with our forks??? One other note, we originally had reservations for 3 people at 12pm. We called the hostess when we arrived at 11:30 to say we were early and we wanted to add a 4th person.
We told her we were available right away or we could shop and wait until they could accommodate us. She said she wasn't sure she was going to be able to accommodate us at all??? Because they onlly have triangle tables? Having worked in a restaurant, I know that it is not a problem to add a 4th to a 4-top. It's not like we were asking to change from a 2-top to a 4-top that was already designated for someone else. It was all very confusing. But she did call us back 30 mins later and tell us she had a table for us. But all in all, it was a beautiful afternoon.