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224 S. Main St, Canandaigua, NY 14424 [Directions]
Hours (as of August 2011)

Monday – Friay: 4:00PM to 9:00PM

Saturday/Sunday: Noon to 9:00PM


585 905 0950

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[WWW]5/20 City Paper Review

Rheinblick German Restaurant is a German restaurant located in Canandaigua.


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2008-11-16 21:32:58   I used to be a regular at the Heidelberg so I was looking forward to a new German restaurant in the Rochester area. Went on a Saturday evening. The Food was delicious. Liquor license was not in place yet. That is supposed to change 11/18.
I recommend to make reservations on a weekend night. —ThomasPawlik

2008-11-18 14:51:02   Went here over the weekend. Very good german food and quite authentic. I highly recommend their potato pancakes with applesauce- they are fantastic. —KatyHanson

2008-12-21 19:32:01   After reading last week’s positive review in the D&C, we went here last Saturday for lunch. We arrived around 1:00. We waited several minutes for a table, and waited again to be served before a waiter came around asking if anyone had been with us yet. It was at least 1:30 before we ordered.

We started off with the chef’s trio platter of salads, and asked specifically for the beet salad (which is listed as an option on the menu) – when the dish came, there was no beet – which was fine; all three salads were tasty. Our waiter recommended the potato pancakes, so my dining partner had that – but the pancakes were drenched in grease, making them more like carnival food than actual German cuisine. I had the Reuben, which was fine, but once again – very greasy. Our waiter (we should have known by now not to trust his opinion) suggested the Bee Sting cake, which was very dry and not very flavorful at all.

Worse than our meal? The service. We waited at least another 10 minutes for coffee to come with our dessert. It’s not that they were brewing a fresh pot, either; I watched as our waiter poured the coffees and then let them sit, allowing them to become lukewarm, while chatting with other customers.

We were very much looking forward to a delicious German meal. Unfortunately, we won’t be back. —GreenBrenana

2008-12-30 11:01:39   GreenBrenana, I am very sorry you weren’t happy with your service or all of your food on Saturday. I was the waiter that afternoon, and while I do not know which of my tables you were, I am sorry that our service was not up to par. Because my family’s restaurant only opened in September and this is our first year running the restaurant, we are still figuring out our staffing strategies for each day of the week, and the previous two Saturdays had been so slow that we actually considered closing for the lunch on the Saturday you dined at Rheinblick. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who joined us for lunch on the day of your visit, and in the future we intend to have another server or busser present for weekend lunches. As for your food, I am sorry you did not like the potato pancakes. Describing them as carnival food is actually an accurate portrayal, as potato pancakes in Germany are most often served at outdoor markets and carnivals, and yes, they can be a little greasy! However, most people absolutely love our potato pancakes, and our Reubens as well. Finally, Bienenstich cake is a traditional German dessert and is not overly sweet, but is supposed to be a lighter dessert that gets its flavor from the custard filling and honey-covered almond slices, but I’m sorry you did not enjoy it. It is one of our most popular desserts and we have in fact already sold several whole cakes to customers who loved this dessert. —MKlemens

2009-01-01 19:52:43   GreenBrenana — I have eaten at the Rheinblick several times, lunch and dinner. I have also dined in Germany many times, as I lived there several years. I’m sure you are a much greater expert on German Cuisine, with your many years of life experience, but I must say, from my personal experience, the food at the Rheinblick was VERY authentic, and as mentioned before in comments, the Potato Pancakes are excellent and VERY VERY German. If you did not like them or think they were not German…please, study up, OK? It’s to bad for you that you will not be enjoying the restaurant again, but as for me, I cannot wait to get some more delicious German food soon! And like the waiter explained, they are relatively new, and are working on becoming better. They don’t hide this fact, and are always willing to talk about how their restaurant came to be.
I’m sure when you run your own restaurant it will be much better. And I’m sure no one will be unsatisfied with your establishment. Until then, I know the Canandaigua Restaurant community will not miss your business.
Have a wonderful day,
Robert B. —BobbyCDGA

2009-01-01 21:44:29   MKlemens: As a former waitress myself, I know what it’s like to be slammed at rush hour without expecting it. I appreciate your comment and thoughtful response. Thank you!

Robert B: Though I lack your seniority on the topic of German cuisine (I’ve only been to Germany once), I’m pretty sure that my inexpert tastebuds are just as functional as your own. We’re entitled to different opinions – last I checked, that was the purpose of this wiki. There’s no need to disparage fellow diners in order to make your own point. —GreenBrenana

2009-07-20 10:46:31   We lived in the Rhein region for almost six years when I was a kid (decades ago!), so when my parents came to visit last week, I decided to bring them to the Rheinblick last Monday for lunch. We sat in the newly opened biergarten and had a wonderful meal. The whole experience was very reminiscent of our years in Germany. My father had the Rheinblick currywurst, which was superlative, and I had the wiener, which was good, but not as good as the currywurst. My mother had the sauerbraten brotchen, but I didn’t get a taste of it. She really enjoyed it. The potato salad was made just like I remember having in Germany, a warm tart and sweet recipe, and the coleslaw also was very good. I had the Schneider Weisse draft beer, outstanding, and my father had the Sprecher Bavarian draft, which he enjoyed. All in all, a really nice meal. A little pricey, but totally authentic and delicious. —KatieSchmitz

2009-07-21 09:28:05   Dad and I ate here on Sunday 7/19. We were a little shocked that there was no bar, but really was’nt a huge deal. The place is small, but comfortable. They have an outdoor “beer garden” which is nice, but being sandwiched between two buildings, it may be a hot area if it is really warm out. The service was above average and other servers stopped by to help clear plates, but it was’nt over-whelming. The owners were always in sight and seemed cheery. The food was very good. We shared the German potato pancakes. We are German, although American German, and they tasted good to us. My father had the Wurst Dreierlei which was a huge portion. I had the Rindergulasch. Although it was good, I wish I ordered what dad had -Wurst Dreierlei. We came from Rochester to go here and we will be back. If your going at a busy time, I would make a reservation. —selfclaimedcritic

2010-01-18 17:38:13   My husband and I had dinner here this past weekend. We were recommended this restaurant for it’s authenticity, beer selection and excellent food. We found all three in good order – the food was for sure authentic to what one would find in a typical German street cafe, the beer was great – nothing terribly off-beat but a good selection of the good ones direct from the Fatherland. I had the calves liver which was truly wonderful, perfectly cooked with the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever put in my mouth – seriously! My husband had the roasted pork shank, reportedly good, a hoot to watch someone deconstruct and served with the typical german sides. We had the dessert special – summer berries that had mascerated in rum for six months served over vanilla ice cream – available now ’til it runs out and it was sublime. I haven’t had good, truly substantially authentic German food in a good while so this was certainly a well enjoyed meal. I found the prices to be fair, right on par with any other good dinner out – $12-19 for entrees. —StephanieTodd

2011-06-15 14:07:14   My wife and I had dinner at Rheinblick last Saturday night, and it was great. We had our 9-month old daughter in tow, and we were apprehensive about eating at Rheinblick as we’d heard that the food was good but service could be slow. We had nothing to worry about! We had reservations (make them early; Rheinblick is small), and were seated immediately. They even had our name on a little table card, like at weddings, which was a cute touch. As would be expected at a German restaurant, the riesling, gewurztraminer and German beer seletions are excellent. The food was very good. My wife’s schweinmedallions, in particular, was an absolutely delicious entree. —KurtSample

2011-07-01 09:36:42   Went with another couple on a recent Friday night and very much enjoyed our experience. The service was fine and the food very good. Started with the Spatzle appetizer followed by the Schwarzwald Schnitzel. My wife had the Rosenthal and was also very happy with her choice. Our dining companions had the roasted Pork Shank that were in a word huge. Capped of the meal with a slice of Black Forrest cake. Beer selection seems to cover all the bases and the wine list blends well with the meal choices. A return trip is in order. —almorinelli

2011-08-19 18:39:28   We went here last week with my family. We used to live in Germany so we are very picky about our German food. I can unequivocally say that this was the best German food I have had since Germany. I had the Weiner Schnitzel which was perfectly cooked and prepared as was the Kale and Spaetzle that came with it. My wife had the Walleye that was out of this world good. For dessert I got the Black Forest cake that was delicious. The service was very attentive, the beer was good and the wine list was also very good. Extremely enjoyable experience. Highly recommended. —MarkRizz

2012-06-07 22:38:55   The pilsner beer here is out of this world. I could drink it all day, become an alcoholic and then keep drinking it until my liver erupted. The food and atmosphere is outstanding, to boot. —BatGuano

2012-09-21 22:02:59   Went here tonight, phenomenal food and atmosphere. If you haven’t been here you should go, great food, beer and service. A MUST try! Wiener Schnitzel is especially great! —markrizz