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Loan sharks. Plain and simple. I refinanced another loan to pay this abomination off for good. The financial institution (bank) I used sent them a check via **** for the amount RISE said was a pay-off. This was sent around April 22nd. Three weeks later…nothing. They have NO record of receiving the check for the pay-off amount. Meanwhile, their daily interest amounts were causing the balance to RISE! (I see how they got their name)… They requested tons of info, which I provided to my best abilities and no resolve. So, after calls back-and-forth and some research from the bank I used for my new loan — they found the check had been returned / denied receipt. It was the CORRECT address — a P.O. Box in ******, **. Sent on 4/22 and returned weeks later. So, after some back-and-forth again, I was told an overnight check would be credited to my account same day as received and my bank sent them a check OVERNIGHT via ***** on 5/17…with tracking…to their “Overnight Payment” lock box/physical address in **********, **..it was received and signed-for on 5/18 at 9:38am. 5pm rolls around and no credit to my account. Same on 5/19. On 5/20 I contacted RISE and was told a note on my account said the check was received and should post on that day by 5pm. As of 7pm, I now have a balance $433 higher than pay-off and no credit to account. A call to them again — no record of receiving any checks, just notes on my account about my calling them previously and “why can’t you just pay it off and let the bank reimburse you?” comments made (because banks don’t work that way when THEY want to pay-off a loan). They’ve escalated my “ticket” and allegedly will call me within 24 hours. Meanwhile, I’ll have to wait until Monday to contact my bank again to see if the check was cashed, and go through goodness knows what to resolve. I cannot say it enough… I DO NOT RECOMMEND RISE CREDIT FOR ANYTHING! It’s predatory lending at best and they’re not very professionally operated.