Rise Personal Loan Reviews 2022 | Credit Karma

This loan is easy to ge but BEWARE!!! If you are day late your entire next payment is added to the balance. It is not a daily fee or even late charge the entire payment is a waste unless you make on the due date. On top of that you can not make an early payment. You can pay down your loan, but you still have the same payment every due date regardless of how much you have paid that month. So if you made a payment for this month, and want to make your next payment early you can not. I tried to pay $1000, 2 payments plus pay down my loan. 5 days later I was getting calls that I was late on my payment even though I had just paid $1000.00. On top of that the customer service people are rude. They talk over you and refuse ot help you resolve problems. I borrowed $2500, after six months of paying $445 a month I owed $2997. So I got together the money to pay my bill off a day before my next payment was due. The customer service agent entered the wrong zip code twice and the payment wouldn’t go through. They will only put a charge through on your card twice in one day, so I couldn’t pay off the balance that day because of their error. The next day I owed another $445! This company is horrible!