Ristorante Massimo | World-class Italian cuisine

Three essential ingredients define Chef Loichle’s vision for our menu; Warmth, passion and evolution. Our chef’s vision for your dining experience is to bring you back in time, perhaps evoking a dining memory of old. Often times a simple smell or a complex flavor will remind you of a time with family, a favorite excursion abroad, or a special comfort food prepared with you in mind. This is the “warmth” you will always find at the dinner table in an Italian home.

Jethro Loichle’s passion for delivering authentic five-star Italian cuisine is evident in the flavors, his exhaustive research, the thoughtful selection of ingredients, and his creation of dishes. The menu is carefully assembled from regions of Italy where the seasons are reflective of our climates, and the foods pay homage to Italy’s rich history of unparalleled cuisine.

His passion for delighting guests is what inspires constant evolution of the menu. Guests can always anticipate new items to sample, while always ensured the finest Italian cooking. The fare is not overcomplicated. It is complex in flavor and authenticity.