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RIT myCourses

Redesign -2021


I spent six weeks working on redesigning RIT myCourses – a stand-alone web that allows you to see your courses’ content, assignments and discuss your projects. I was interested in building the best experience for a shareable studying environment that allows students an easier way to communicate & collaborate through discussions.

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Most students struggle to get feedback on their projects. They rarely find group peers that will give them constructive feedback on their projects. Most of the time they will wait to receive critiques during class time, which delays their progress. The discussion is designed to take the student on an effective journey of receiving feedback and giving your awesome thought to your classmate.

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Feedback Drawer

Remember all the feedback you took last day during your class – the ones you’ve been meaning to reorganize to fix your project, but are now lost somewhere in the vast void of your sketchbook? Wouldn’t it be awesome if that feedback were magically put into a drawer for you? This was the idea behind Feedback drawer – an intelligently generated and curated collection of your classmates’ feedback, helping to keep you organized and inspired.

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Students can access all other discussions from this icon.

Information about when a discussion has been created and who created it.

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Drawer Feedback where the magic happens once you receive a new comment will be shown in these colored strips.

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You can check what others comment on your discussion by hovering for a quick look or clicking to comment.

All About Student

The best feedback came from students who know how important feedback is. These are the students who show up in your critiques most often because they want to get the same feedback, but sometimes sharing Appreciation to those students isn’t simple in the classroom. What if there was a reaction emoji that allows you to share your appreciation, making it super simple to send them out. Sharing appreciation with the students who deserve it is a tap away.

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Reaction bar is where you can express

your feeling about comments from others


Comment window you can write your thoughtful feedback in a much simpler way.

The Right Lanugauge

The “perfect language” doesn’t always start out perfect. Sometimes you need to Translate, look up, or ask for other to help you bring out that perfection. Becoming an all powerful tanslartion disccution was not the goal, but I wanted to offer a basic effcative of communcation to make those feedback as strong as it could be.

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You can translte any selected text to your native lanuage for better undertsing, we help you to make your feedback thoughtful as you wish.


One tap away from a better understanding.



I was trying to find in my inspiration a bold and basic geometry designes with confident typography. Which lead to an efficient digital brand guidelines that represent the idea of an effective student portal.



These are some of the iterations that made a huge switch to my design process where I was trying to find a simple, and bold design that will enhance your journey experience throughout the web.

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Thank you