Riva menu in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

First and foremost the staff and service at this place were a delight. Very attentive. However, the buffet selections were very limited in regard to hot food especially for $30. Normally resorts I have stayed in the past have prime rib, carver station, pancakes, waffles, and crepes all made to order. Honestly, this was your average breakfast hotel buffet only made fresh it seems. The fruit selection had a few rotten strawberries in it and was rather disappointing being in a tropical location. The omelette station was not prepped and ready for opening so I was invited to order off the menu. The omelette was very dry as well as very small. Lastly, the eggs Benedict had Canadian bacon that was extremely undercooked and eggs that were still Barely cooked as well. The things that save this place were the service, sausages, and a very good glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. However, the rest of the food really needs to step it up for the price as next time I stay here the Starbucks in the hotel will be my go to.