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I have had an unpleasant experience with the management company. My lease expires August 6th.
I reached out 4 months in advance to when I would be getting my renewal proposal, I was interested in possibly renewing if my rent price went down. I was told I will be receiving it approx. 90 days in advance to when my lease expires. The 90 day mark came and went, I continued to reach out to the leasing office multiple times with no response. Finally on May 23rd, I got a response stating my renewal proposal will be presented at the beginning of June, I expressed my concern then, since I knew there was a 60 day notice to vacate rule. At that time an apartment rep told me that 60 day period would be waived to the delay with getting the renewals out. On June 16th, I got my renewal proposal, 51 days before my lease expires. July 6th I put in my notice to vacate. July 8th I was notified I am responsible for rent until September 7th due to not abiding by the 60-day notice to vacate rule.
When I reached out to the leasing office to try to get this corrected due to informing me that 60-day period will be waived, they did nothing. I don’t know how myself or anyone else can sign a lease or decide to leave without knowing the renewal price or the lease term. If I gave my notice to vacate on the day I received the proposal, I still would be charged due to it being after the 60-day period.
The property manager Kendall was very unhelpful with this situation. She informed me that the 90 day renewal proposal advance is not required, so they are able to send them out whenever they choose to. It is our responsibility as the tenant to figure out if we will renew or vacate prior to even having the renewal. When I expressed I needed to know the price before deciding to renew, Kendall said "on your notice to vacate form it says you wanted more space so obviously the money is not the issue". I was so taken back by this, if the renewal rate was lower I was planning on staying.
I've tried to reach out to corporate about this issue and shocker, no response.
Be aware of what you will be getting into with leasing at River House. While the building and units are nice (minus the elevators that break down), you will be dealing with a management company that is unprofessional, unresponsive, and is misleading. Be on top of your lease and know that no matter what they tell you over the phone or what date they send the renewal proposal, you still must give the 60 day notice to vacate.