Roblox: My Restaurant Beginners Guide

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The Basic Mechanics of My Restaurant

The goal of the game is to serve as many customers as you can and gain as much money as possible from them. This means that the game is centered around the customer.

Regular customers interact with your restaurant in the following way:

  1. The customer enters the restaurant.
  2. A waiter "escorts" them to their table.
  3. A waiter takes the customer's orders, which appears in the order stand.
  4. A chef takes each order and prepares it on a stove.
  5. A waiter takes the ready food from the order stand and brings it to the customers.
  6. The customer eats, pays for the meal, and leaves.
  7. A waiter takes the money and the plate and returns the plate to the dishwasher.

Your Role in My Restaurant

As the owner, your role is first and foremost to get as many customers as possible, you do that by:

  1. Expanding your restaurant with more floors
  2. Ensuring that there are enough seats for your customers
  3. Hiring enough staff to minimize the customer's waiting time.
  4. Buying better appliances to increase work speed and prevent pile-ups

You can also do everything a waiter or chef can do.

Expanding Your Restaurant.

The only way you can regularly get customers faster is to expand your restaurant by buying more floors. You can do that by either pressing the purple "Floors" button on the left side of your screen or by walking on top of the teleporter in the upper right corner of your restaurant. In the table below you can see the cost of adding each floor and how it affects your customer arrival time.

The table shows the cost of adding each floor to your restaurant and how it affects the customer arrival times.

But you need to be careful while expanding your restaurant. If you get too many floors to fast, your waiters and chefs won't be able to keep up with the number of customers. This means that you need to hire more waiters and chefs when you can.

Hiring Waiters and Chefs

Hiring a waiter or chef is simple enough. If you press the blue "Staff" button the staff management tab opens up. There you can "buy" waiters and chefs. I have it for a rule to always buy a waiter as soon as I can as in my experience it is the waiters that slow everything down.

I only buy chefs when a pile-up of orders start in the kitchen and only if I can't get a faster stove to solve the problem. The reason for this is that a chef needs a stove and a stove takes space I can use for something else, while a waiter is just there.

Also, waiters and chefs get experience and can level up. Higher-level waiters and chefs are quicker and since it tends to be the waiters that slow everything down, you want to get your waiters levels up quickly.

Buying Seats and Chairs.

Just outside your restaurant is a yellow circle labeled "shop". At the Big Shop, you can buy tables and chairs for your customers, better appliances, lights and decorations and other things, some of which are even useful.

For your customers, there is no difference between a cheap chair and table or a luxury chair and table. This might change in the future, and I think it should, but at the moment there is no difference. So don't worry about getting the expensive tables and chairs unless you want your restaurant to look nice.

This also applies to decorations. There may be a later update where decorations give some bonus to money spent or customer appearance time, but at the moment decorations have no purpose other than being decorations.

When to Buy More Tables and Chairs

The best time to buy more tables and chairs is when you see that about half to three-quarters of your seats are taken. You want to have a few extra seats so you have enough seats available for events that decrease customer arrival times, such as a celebrity in the restaurant.

You also want to design your restaurant so that you have four chairs around each table. This increases the amount of four guests arriving at the same time, increasing your revenue.

How to Rotate Furniture

To rotate your furniture you just need to press the R button when you are placing it. It's as simple as that.

A nice looking setup of chairs and tables. You want to have the most amount of tables with four chairs around them.

A nice looking setup of chairs and tables. You want to have the most amount of tables with four chairs around them.

Getting Better Appliances

You also need to think about your appliances. As your restaurant grows you will at some point need to invest in better appliances instead of more waiters and chefs. The appliances are order tables, stoves, and dishwashers.

Order Tables.

This is where you can see the orders waiting to be prepared and the meals waiting to be served. I only have two of these located where my chefs are. I am not sure if you actually need more than one, but I have two just in case.

You can use the order table to see if you need more chefs or better stoves. If there are usually a lot of unfinished orders then you need to invest in better stoves or more chefs. If there are a lot of undelivered meals then you need to get more waiters or find a way to streamline the delivery of the meals.


First of all, you want to have at least one stove for every chef you got. The first stoves you have are junk, taking a very long time to prepare a meal. I'd recommend getting at least two "Better Stove" as soon as you can, and then upgrade all your stoves to the "Better Stove".

After that, you can start getting a few "Double Stove". I would then skip the "High-Quality Stove" and the "High Tech Stove" and go directly to the "Luxury Stove" from there.


The first dishwasher you have is a "Cheap Sink". You want to exchange that for a sink or double sink as soon as possible or this will be a major bottleneck for your restaurant in the beginning.

Later on, you want to have one dishwasher on each floor of your restaurant. A "Stainless Dishwasher" is probably enough if you have one on each floor and place it next to the teleporter. You then need to keep an eye on the dishwashers to see if they get filled, if they do, then you either need to get more or better dishwashers.

Appliances in the Big Shop. They become better the closer they are to the opposite wall.

Appliances in the Big Shop. They become better the closer they are to the opposite wall.

The Customers

There are three types of customers, regular, VIP, and celebrity.

The regular customers are the usual ones you get, there is no difference between them regardless of their varied looks.

VIP customers look wealthy, with golden top hats. These customers will always buy the most expensive meal your restaurant can prepare and pay ten times the price of the meal.

Celebrity customers will pay five times as much for their meals than regular customers. They also give your restaurant a boost in customer arrival times, which can be worth much more than a single VIP meal.

How to Get VIP Customers

There is about a 0.1% base chance that a customer that enters your restaurant is a VIP customer. You can increase this with the Royal Chair and Royal Table furniture. You can also get a few extra VIP customers from the wishing well and the slot machine.

How to Get Celebrity Customers

There is about a 0.025% base chance that a customer that enters your restaurant is a VIP customer. You can increase this with the jewelry case furniture. You can also get a few extra celebrity customers from the wishing well and the slot machine.

There are more details on how to get VIP customers and celebrity customers in my guide on how to make money faster in "My Restaurant".

Anyway, I believe that this covers the basics of the game and I hope that I have managed to answer most of your beginner questions. There is more to the game than this and I will later add a couple of other guides that are more advanced. In the meantime, you can always ask your fellow players for advice or read the wiki pages.

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