Roblox My Restaurant: How To Get More VIP Customers

BIG Games’ Roblox game My Restaurant! was launched on June 26th, 2020, and has received over 312.7 million visits. Players construct and manage their own restaurant, recruiting employees, installing equipment, and much more in this game. One of the biggest sources of income in the game is having VIP customers, who pay a lot extra per person than an average customer. So here’s how to get more VIP customers in Roblox My Restaurant.

How to Get More Vip Customers in Roblox My Restaurant?

To get more VIP customers in Roblox My Restaurant, you need to buy more Royal Furniture and a VIP Gamepass. Royal tables and chairs raise the likelihood of attracting VIP customers by as much as 100%. The cost of a meal for a VIP customer is ten times that of a normal customer. This would result in a minor but valuable increase in your sales. Since this applies even to your most expensive dish, these furniture pieces will quickly pay for themselves.

How to Get More Vip Customers in Roblox My Restaurant

You can also spend Robux on the VIP Pass and a VIP Customer Boost in addition to the above process. The VIP pass has many benefits for your restaurant, including an automatic $1,000 donation per 15 minutes. This is a lot of money when you first start the game, but it won’t matter much later on because you should be having more than 100 customers per minute. This gamepass also increases the likelihood of a VIP customer visiting your restaurant by a significant margin.

And with the VIP Customer Pass, your customers will be able to give you more money for each menu item in your restaurant. Each consumer would have a 25% chance of paying with a money bag as if they were a VIP. That is, it would raise the sales by roughly 2-3 times the current level. As a result, it’s likely the best gamepass you will get to boost your earnings.

That’s all you need to know about how to get more VIP customers in Roblox My Restaurant. If you enjoy a variety of other famous Roblox games, visit our Roblox Game Codes page and choose the games you usually play.