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I went here for a girls night out dinner with a group of friends. I’ve never been or even heard of Rockwell Republic but my friend did some research and made reservations here for our group. I’m glad we had reservations because the place was…pretty busy for Saturday night.
The menus were so cool! All on a tablet, however, it took us a little while to figure out that you needed to click on each item to get a detailed description with prices. Not a deal breaker, but I mean maybe the waitress could have let us know that ahead of time.
We all got fancy cocktail like drinks which were delicious! We were kind of split for who ordered sushi and who got a regular entree. Being that it was a girls night out, I decided to go for an item that was going to be more filling and a “base” for all the drinking that would happen later in the night. I went with the Cuban sandwich and it was amazing! My friend on the other hand also ordered a sandwich and she specifically ordered it without cheese but it still came out with cheese on it.
Overall it was pretty good and I’d recommend this if you are looking for a nice dinner with friends.

• Cool, tablet menus
• Mix variety of food (sushi and a Cuban sandwich!)
• Great mixed drinks

• So if you order something with no cheese and you get cheese, it’s pretty disappointing because something like that can really ruin your night, just sayin’