ROJO Cocina Mexicana Exquisite Mexican Restaurant | Roswell GA


hy Rojo?

Color of Love

Rojo Cocina Mexicana y Cantina is a Mexican restaurant located at 885 Woodstock Road in the beautiful city of Roswell.  The restaurant provides a variety of Mexican dishes with a touch of different cuisines that make the food unique and exquisite.  One of the most requested items is the “Rojo Dip”, which contains melted cheese, mushrooms, and shrimp, which is a new take on the traditional cheese dip.

Rojo means red.  This is the color that embraces life.  There is vitality as well as drive and passion in the meaning of rojo, attributes associated with the Latin culture. It is also related to family, bonds and loyalty.  Furthermore, it is the color of love.  All of the above is evidently important to us. In simple words, the act of eating is a welcome of life itself and it is also a ritual that evokes family gatherings.  Fresh ingredients, exotic flavors and relaxing, caring service are what define us.  Welcome to Rojo, a culinary experience to discover and enjoy.