Romantic Italian DC restaurant | Ristorante Piccolo | United States


Ristorante Piccolo

​Established in 1986, Ristorante Piccolo is a romantic and unique Italian trattoria with walls of Tuscan gold hues, full of the warm-hearted wines and food that match the spirit of Italy, loved by Washingtonians and visitors alike!


Ristorante Piccolo is an award-winning romantic Italian restaurant with a history of being the perfect spot for first dates and marriage proposals, also offering one of the best seats in historic Georgetown–a second-floor balcony overlooking Georgetown and the historic C&O Canal.


Piccolo embraces the senses with a dazzling array of color and textures, enhancing the warmth of the restaurant and providing the services of a fine-tuned staff in a comfortable atmosphere in which to dine, meet friends or have drinks after work.