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SAGÀS Pagesos i Cuiners restaurant in El Born – Review

Chef Oriol Rovira defines the cuisine of both his Michelin Star restaurant Els Casals and at Sagás Pagesos I Cuiners, as “from your window” cuisine. By this, he means that he only cooks things he can see right outside his window. The Rovira family owns a farm from which almost all of the produce, meat, eggs, charcuterie, etc. are sourced. The restaurant has a long bar and a small dining room. The dishes are informal but made with care and attention to detail.

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Catalan cuisine, Mediterranean in its nature and ingredients, has some typical dishes that make it stand out. Dishes like Escalivada or the Exqueisada de Bacalao make extensive use of vegetables (and cod in the second case). Other tradicional dishes include black rice, Esudella i carn d`olla (a stew served in wintertime), botifarra sausage, anec amb perez (duck with pears) or cargols. Catalan wines have evolved enormously in recent years and from traditional cava many more wine regions have appeared. Priorat is best for red wines.