Sage Restaurant menu in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

I am giving Sage a 3 solely based on service! The food and drink were phenomenal! We were excited about dining here based on the reviews. We were greeted by Naomi, and were told the wait would be approx 15 minutes. That was a reasonable time, and we were sat outside by choice. After about 5-7 minutes, we were greeted by our server Taylor who took our drink orders. The initial impression was off to a fine start, it quickly took a turn for the worse. There were some large fans to circulate the air, this was a rainy day and the temperature was cooler than usual, the fan was blowing directly on us making it uncomfortable to say the least. We asked Naomi if it could be adjusted, she was gracious enough to accommodate, as we were the only party in the section. Taylor came back thru and stated very loudly that the temperature couldn’t be adjusted, she then proceeded to turn up the fan to its maximum, which was not understood. Naomi, then came by to ask if we were okay, in front of us, it seemed as if she was being chastised by Taylor. She was totally unprofessional; she went on to say how it can’t be adjusted, she didn’t know why we kept asking or how many times she had to say it, but not to adjust the fan. Naomi did turn the fan away from us so at least it was no longer blowing directly on us making our dining experience unbearable.
On to the food…it was PHENOMENAL!, We had the beignets, soul waffle(greens, mac&cheese, chicken), shrimp & grits. The cocktails were delightful!