Saigon Block Restaurant – Vietnamese Cuisine

Hands down a must eat gem of Asian cuisine. This Vietnamese restaurant serves delicious whole baked crispy catfish & amazing beef. Roll up your own fresh spring rolls & dip it into their sweet & tasty sauce. Perfect for large groups/ family style. Prices are fare, staff is friendly & the place is clean. BYOB. Come hungry! Definitely will be back again.

Diana Navarro

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I ordered the imperial rolls and pho saigon and they were both amazing. The pho saigon was amazing; the broth was perfectly salty/sour/spicy/everything you want pho to be. The meats were all flavorful and different from each other; the meatball was a surprise favorite. The imperial rolls were pretty good but the fish sauce made them really good.
5/5 definitely will return

Tor KB

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My friends and I used to go here when we were in college and years after graduation we still love this place whenever we come back. We always get a large baked whole fish (ca nuong) and share. The fish is cooked and seasoned perfectly and goes so well with the rice paper, noodle, fresh vegetables and the sauce. We also like the different types of spring rolls for appetizers and the flan for dessert. Service here is very good. I highly recommend this place!

Kaylee N.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love pho, but I always knew Vietnamese food could be so much more. Finally, we found it.

We came and got the 7 Beef meal. It’s 7 kinds of beef for $18/person, which is an absolute steal. Beef soup, raw beef to cook in boiling vinegar, some spicy beef salad something, various kinds of beef sausage. All served with a mountainous plate of leafy greens and herbs, noodles, and rice paper to make your own wraps.

I seriously can’t recommend it enough.

Clayton C.

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